Lunch at Jehangir Art Gallery



This is where it all began. The trio enjoying a meal at the wonderful Cafe Samovar (closed) at Jehangir Art Gallery in Bombay.

Arun (Amol Palekar) attempts to order but Nagesh buts in, snatching the menu from Arun  and proceeds to order. Nagesh is a regular at the restaurant and instructs the waiter D’Souza (first name unknown) to put in an order for his special dish (reference to Chicken a la Poos). Furthermore, Nagesh first confirms that the Chef Peter is indeed working today and in the kitchen to tend to his order. It is mentioned (by Nagesh) that Peter will pay special attention to the order if he is aware that it was ordered by Nagesh.

Nagesh goes on to place the order with D’Souza as follows

  • Chicken a la Poos – 3 Plates
  • Dahi Bada (According to Nagesh, often relished by Prabha) – 3 Plates
  • Keema (minced meat) Parantha – unkown quantity
  • Rice….boiled

Nagesh quite authoritatively mentions to D’Souza that his tip is contingent on quick service.

During the small talk at the table it is revealed that Sunil (Gavaskar) was Nagesh’s batchmate and was indeed guided by Nagesh, though it is not immediately clear if he was referring to school or college batch.

Once the food arrives, the order has been partially fulfilled as is evident from the picture below.

Samovar food

The Dahi Bada, Chicken and rice are clearly identifiable, but we cannot confirm the identity of the 4th item. It appears to be some sort of vegetable dish which is not mentioned in the ordering round.

Also, missing from the order is the keema parantha (potentially due to the ambiguous quantity in the order) which is noticed by Nagesh and immediately apologetically acknowledged by D’Souza. However, we never get to see this item actually being fulfilled as the party continue to enjoy lunch and the next shot shows finger bowls on the table.


As for the filming location a few shots of the venue in their present condition.


View from outside


Cafe Samovar seating area


Humble Menu, missing signature dish – Chicken a la Poos

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