Life Lessons with Col. Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh

julius_residenceHave you lately been disrespected by the security guard at office? Or swindled by crooks who sold you assembled junk for a motorcycle? Or have you had a case of LLL (Love’s Labor Lost)?

What you need then is a ‘zabardast ghumao’ in life.  let Col. J.N.W. Singh give you that.


Col. Singh is a seer of human nature and is wicked-smart in the ways of the world. His client roster boasts of legends like Shri. Amitabh Bachchan who seeks his help in matters of tax planning. He also corresponds regularly with eminent dignitaries and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Though his teachings have never been compiled as a book, his exceptional pedagogy was captured as a documentary made in 1975. The documentary chronicles the metamorphosis of a shy, mousy Arun into a shrewd champion of matters worldly.

Arun is initially diagnosed by Col. Singh as a case of ‘LLL’ and Unstable Paranoid Frustration and prescribed an intensive course in Special Courtship Training and Psycho Therapy Behaviorism.

Arun later emerges a winner in life to thwart the pesky Nagesh and secure the affections of his lady-love, Prabha.

If the Colonel is too pleased with your performance, he might choose to give you your entire course fee back.

Originally published at Oyeweekend post

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