Table Tennis vs Lunch

table tennisthe dedication of the main actor leads him to practice table tennis games at lunchtime. Little does he know that one of his coworkers has managed to bring egg curry for lunch which in turn leads to a hilarious sequence of events where the egg is mistaken for a table tennis ball and the ball is mistaken for an egg

Life Lessons with Col. Julius Nagendranath Wilfred Singh

julius_residenceHave you lately been disrespected by the security guard at office? Or swindled by crooks who sold you assembled junk for a motorcycle? Or have you had a case of LLL (Love’s Labor Lost)?

What you need then is a ‘zabardast ghumao’ in life.  let Col. J.N.W. Singh give you that.


Col. Singh is a seer of human nature and is wicked-smart in the ways of the world. His client roster boasts of legends like Shri. Amitabh Bachchan who seeks his help in matters of tax planning. He also corresponds regularly with eminent dignitaries and the Prime Minister’s Office.

Though his teachings have never been compiled as a book, his exceptional pedagogy was captured as a documentary made in 1975. The documentary chronicles the metamorphosis of a shy, mousy Arun into a shrewd champion of matters worldly.

Arun is initially diagnosed by Col. Singh as a case of ‘LLL’ and Unstable Paranoid Frustration and prescribed an intensive course in Special Courtship Training and Psycho Therapy Behaviorism.

Arun later emerges a winner in life to thwart the pesky Nagesh and secure the affections of his lady-love, Prabha.

If the Colonel is too pleased with your performance, he might choose to give you your entire course fee back.

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Arun (Amol Palekar) works at the firm of Jackson Tolaram and in the very same building though on a different floor works Prabha (Vidya Sinha) in Frank Lloyd. Both Arun and Prabha catch the same bus from the same bus stop every day to work and get separated only when they actually reach the work premises. Arun is in love with Prabha and it is something of a ritual with him to stare at her and follow her, alternately and at the same time if possible. Prabha is aware of Arun´s attentions and is more than flattered by them. Arun however is never even able to strike up a conversation with Prabha let alone express an interest in her. He is simply happy to daydream about her and continue his ultimately frustrating daily exercise.

To shatter Arun´s peace there enters into his idyllic world the very flamboyant, the very self-centered Nagesh (Asrani) who is an acquaintance of Prabha´s and in fact works at the very same office. These rivals then battle it out everyday with Nagesh inevitably winning out because of his street-smart attitude and superior skills in just about every walk of life. Totally frazzled and despondent, Arun starts consulting all sorts of astrologers and palmists and suchlike and finally lands into the arms of the very wise and jovial Colonel Julius Winnifred Singh (Ashok Kumar). The Colonel teaches Arun the tricks of the trade and Arun after a sabbatical of sorts returns to the environs of Bombay and wins both love and a stronger self.